Days since I had sex

This started out as a joke, but then the practical applications of it started to emerge. It was designed and developed in just 1 day with a minimalistic interface and full social integration. Interested to see what the outcome of it all would be.


An application that allows users to access their organizations Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository. Basically a more complex version of a company-wide dropbox solution.
link: Objective site


A project I worked on for my university Thesis (Capstone Project). Due to legal complications and lack of support from UTS (web-services, approval), this app has not been submitted to the App store. It is my aim to one day revive this project and publish it under an "unofficial" title.


This game was created using XNA and is the outcome of a project of Game Programming, at UTS. The aim of the assessment was to simulate collision detection and response of 3D objects in a game environment. Once achieved, the game was to be presented in a web format for public use with a professional write-up of the technical aspects employed.


A personal website for Geoff Ostling, Joseph Chapman, and myself.